Green Hill Boxing Gloves HAMED Children
Green Hill Boxing Gloves HAMED Children
Green Hill Boxing Gloves HAMED Children

Green Hill Boxing Gloves HAMED Children

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If you are going to start your journey early than we have the best choice for you. Greenhill’s kids HAMED training gloves are formulated with same weight, design and density of officially recognized mitts and are best fit for your training needs. The KLT-Synthetic leather construction in addition with their resilient SV-Tech padding will last much longer than its real leather competitors. With a single DVA construction it offers a wide range of motion and superior ventilation that keeps the hands dry during prolonged training sessions. If you are going to pound away at the heavy bag for a good long while these are the best gloves to use. Anatomically designed for versatile usage with rugged exterior surface these highly padded yet flexible gloves will serve future fighter perfect against the speed bag as well as for heavy bag training. The multi-layered padding not only disseminates shock but also stands up against extreme punishment without compromising comfort. Anti-slip, non-toxic, durable and easily cleanable design makes it a must-have.


  • These pro-style Greenhill kids Hamed boxing gloves are made from pure KLT-synthetic leather. Top grade synthetic leather construction ensures durability and makes these boxing gloves remarkably resistant to the extreme wear and tear. It helps in retaining shape by not succumbing to the pressure. These gloves are perfectly suitable for kids who want to utilize their anger in a productive manner. 
  • These professional grade training gloves with multi layered EVA foam padding offers maximum shock absorption. Its ergonomic design armed with multi-layers of foam padding over the knuckles and wrist panel makes it pro impact.
  • These odor eliminator boxing gloves with breathable fabric and vented perforations expel sweat. Its ergonomic design with anti-microbial properties makes it sweat and odor resistant. These disinfectant boxing gloves along with Bio-Dri liner ensures increased hygiene efficiency.
  • Equipped with GX-hook and loop fastening system revamp fist placement and grip panels for maximum griping power. Advanced hook and loop strap gives supportive, customized secure fit and offers stability, comfort, support and wrist protection during training.
  • Made from advanced manufacturing techniques, designed according to the needs of kids training these boxing gloves are ideal for mitt works, sparring, heavy punching bag workouts, kick boxing, Muay Thai, MMA practice sessions.