Optimum Adjustable Golf kicking tee
Optimum Adjustable Golf kicking tee

Optimum Adjustable Golf kicking tee

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  • Increases Kick Accuracy and Performance: With Optimum Adjustable Kicking Tee, you can adjust the kicking angle with its simple lift to adjust system, which can help you improve your kick accuracy and performance.
  • Durable and Impact Resistant: This adjustable kicking tee is made of a sturdy and impact resistant material, with a solid base, so you can maximize your kicking performance while training or playing ball games.
  • Improving Kicking Abilities: If you’re looking for an Adjustable Kicking Tee that can increase and boost your kicking skills, then place our Optimum product in your cart now. With Optimum Adjustable Kicking Tee, kicking from the sidelines or a distance allows ball supports to intensify your kicking precision and abilities.
  • Flexible Design: If you want to use all size of balls, you can use this kicking tee without any problem. The Optimum Adjustable Kicking Tee works with all ball sizes, which is perfect for any ball match.
  • Premium Quality Material: This product from Optimum is made of top quality impact resistant EVA plastic material with an adjustable system that can withstand training and actual ball games. This kicking tee allows you to perform the best kick possible every time you play or train.