Aasta Real Leather Head Guard
Aasta Real Leather Head Guard

Aasta Real Leather Head Guard

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Prime quality leather provides long lasting durability, functionality and combats abrasion. Top-grain leather with finer and densely packed fibers helps retaining its quality in time. These head guards are flexible without giving up strength enhances comfort and usability. The reinforced Dual Flat Lock Stitching optimizes strength and stability.


Aesthetically designed for optimized second skin fit. Advanced RX- fastening strap ensures easy application and snugness at par. It fits snugly over the head without impairing hearing and obstruction of sight. Its adjustable fitting system makes it suitable to any head shape.


Tri layered shock absorbent GHPR padding with PU lining reduces and saves from the brutal impacts. Additional padding at back of the head reinforces optimal safety while training and sparring. These head gears reduce the impact of force and turns down the risk of injury to the minimum.


Incorporated vented perforations wicks the moisture helps in staying cool & dry. Embedded Nano-pores technology prevents bacteria, moisture and odor buildup. These leather head guards incorporate anti-microbial fabric which aids in preventing the growth of disease causing microbes.


Ultra-light weight design reduces unnecessary pressure, provides easy movement, unobstructed visual range, prevents head injuries disseminates the impact of force. Ergonomic design makes it ideal for training and combat sports like boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, Sparring kick boxing.


Aasta presents this high-tech Head guard made of superior quality Genuine Cow Grain Leather with PU lining reduces the chance of head injuries by standing up against heaviest blows. Aasta’s Boxing MMA Head guard is great for abating any kind of bang to the head. With a 360-degree optimal protection you can count on it with complete satisfaction. It doesn’t just shield you from the severe blows, but this product is designed to give a cutting edge feel and appearance. With a GPGX solid construction it allows the air flow to the head which keeps the athlete stress free. Supreme quality leather makes it incredibly durable, consistent, flexible, eco-friendly and PU lining makes the outer surface impact absorbent and tear resistant. These head guards are designed to survive countless training session. Pro-impact Tri-layered padding helps athlete to take on the ultimate punishment. These head guards reinforce obstruction free sight and unimpaired hearing. Open face with less cheek and jaw protection gives athlete a tough competition in training and helps in gaining confidence in the ring.